Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sniper Wolf

Ms Snipah Wolf from MGS. Quite a bitch to do the drapery, especially without reference. Tried out some new techniques with this piece.

The Sketch.

The paint and closeups

Fucken clothing folds harder to do than hair.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


PLA reads as pant-less army. Based on a random sketch a few days back. Haven't been doing much lately. Will start on more stuff soon ):

The original sketch.

The paint and closeups.

Warning: Hot Surface!

Blah old stuff, but im adding some closeups so this post is justified.

The paint and closeups.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Need to sketch moar...

Been a few days since i started with a new sketchbook. Went through with 5 similar ones already, although i've never quite gotten around to filling up every single page.

Quality will probably drop since the only reason why im drawing like this is because i have goddam so much free time on hand now.

In abit of an art nouveau phase at the moment. Learning to draw flowers and flowing motifs always helps. They make good space fillers and whatnot.

For great justice!

Figure i'd post some school stuff that's been lying around in my hard disk.

Sketches for my concept development pitch.

And the final mounted image, based off a Batgirl cover by James Jean. A nod to Ashley Wood's work.

This and the sketches all done in 1 night.

Mmm will post more art... for great justice!