Friday, March 14, 2008


Mehh... so my friend suggested that i draw some muscles and
stuff for a change. Sound advice considering my past 10 works have all been just pretty womanz and not much else really.


Sure as hell wasn't counting on spending nearly a week to finish this piece but i guess i did have my share of fun. In any case im just happy it isnt that much of a suckfest as it once was.


Its funny how my shortcomings are starting to become glaringly obvious. They say you've improved when you can tell how much you suck. So i guess YAY?


Monday, March 3, 2008

Pepper Project: Pepper Dawn

My submissions for the Pepper Project!

Took me a record amount of time to finish this one, majority of which was spent tweaking the face and the various graphic elements. Windows took a surprisingly short time to do since i was working with custom brushes courtesy of M@ of ConceptArt.

My fav piece of work so far, though it's no where near as good as i'd like it to be :<

Pepper Project: Pepper Breezy

2nd piece for the Pepper Project. Another goddam troublesome piece that just took too many short meaningless sittings to get done. Managed to pull off the colors in just half a day after stalling on the b/w rendering for weeks.

Painted in grayscale as usual before overlaying colors and applying the halftone filter (hax).

Background's reffed from a book.