Sunday, October 21, 2007


A quick piece done mainly to test out the colors on my new monitor and to try out some new techniques.

First duplicated the painting twice. Upped contrast and brightness for the base paint and extracted the lines from the other. Layer setting for linework is then changed to multiply before flattening. Adjustment layers used to reintroduce colors.

Flowers drawn with pencil on paper. Quite lacking the patience to draw it decently as usual.

The paint. Like the effect that i got here, though something tells me that if had bothered to draw the flowers properly, the piece would have turned out much better :(

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pin-up Pepper

Fanart of the lovely pepper. A tribute to Stanley Lau (Artgerm).

No sketch this time :D (Because it isnt even quarter decent)

Helmet details were a joy to paint. I like the face, so here's another closeup.

The plane's based on a P-51 Mustang. Figured only a plane with lines as graceful as a mustang would be a fitting mount for pepper.

Saturday, October 6, 2007


Hah another strange idea that's been running through my brain after i saw some of INSA's work. The whole graffiti + erotic art thing seems to work quite well (i think)

The sketch. Quite pointless to draw it half decent since i always end up changing alot of things and painting over the lines.

The paint and closeups.

Inky Octopus Carpaint!